Anneke (vampireanneke) wrote in donewithmen,


Engagements are driving me up the wall. I had to watch one at the begining of Dec. at the Holiday Gift Swap I went to, (which was nice). The co-work on the other side of the cubical wall is asking his girl at the new year, so I get all the engagement details via wall gossip. A friend on my LJ just got engaged. Then I get the christmas card from a friend who I was maid of honor for, and she has her almost one year old child and her husband in a picture. I REALLY REALLY hate this. I just have gotten to a point in my life that I could see have a strong stable relationship and there is no one around. While everyone else is happily getting engaged, and I can't even get my male associate to respond to a freaking e-mail! (Insert lots of cursing) SIGHHHHHHH.
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