birdie (caged_birdie) wrote in donewithmen,

My first rant.

My fucking "boyfriend"!!!
I was on his computer, and I came across an apparently "fake" Myspace of his, and I looked at the friends he had. There was only one, and it was his ex-girlfriend. When I asked him about it he said that it is her fault that she was dumb enough to add him as a friend.
Does anyone buy that shit anymore?
I mean he has listed her favorite bands as his favorite, and even lowered his age by like 5 years in the profile! What's worse is he also has down that he doesn't want kids! The ass has a daughter he adores!!!

Fuck men.

There is a reason that I put the word "boyfriend" in brackets.
I'm tired of living in the shadow of a woman who is completely worthless, especially compared to me.
He is not much better.
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