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An Update-looking thing

It's been a while since anyone has posted here, so here we go:

In my last post, I was pretty broken up over the Brit. I've pretty much moved on from that, although I'm still not pleased. To my way of thinking, I don't have time to moon over some guy 2000 miles away who can't be bothered to so much as send me an email once in a while. Who needs that?

Anyway, at the moment I have a couple of other things happening romantically.

The more interesting of them is an EMT (who lives 2 miles from me). He works for an ambulance company in Cambridge at the moment. He spent a while in Texas working with FEMA after Katrina hit.

Now, here's a genuinely good guy who helps people for a living. I respect the hell out of him, and am insanely attracted to him too. He's very bright, funny, and handsome to boot. In all fairness, he's a little quieter than I really like, but that's perfectly fine. He snaps out of it after you talk to him for a while.

What I want to know is what the hell is wrong with him that he's still single? At this point, I've become just cynical enough that I don't trust this. He seems too good to be true. He's great, there is mutual attraction to an insane degree, and we enjoy one another's company. There has to be some x-factor here.

I'll keep you posted.
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